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FREE Cuento/Canción de la Semana: Juan y Clara (Siendo #Idiota)

Using stories in the classroom has been the best way for me to transition away from traditional, so much so that I have a workshop that focuses on just that!

During the past year, I have really enjoyed creating and using Stories/Songs of the week. The stories (some are more like video descriptions) are based on popular music videos. On Mondays, my students listen to the story before they see the video. My students have enjoyed listening to the stories and the songs, and acquiring lots of language from them. I am looking forward to sharing more about how I use Story/Song of the week this fall at MaFLA, NHAWLT, and TCI Maine!

My latest "story of the week" is based on the song and music video #Idiota by Juan Magan. This song is very repetitive and pretty comprehensive too! I am sharing these resources for FREE because this has been so successful for me in the classroom that I want other to share with others! Check out the video:

In this (free) document you will find the suggested order of activities for the week, the story, some links to other activities related to the story, a cloze activity with the translation of the song, and a link to the  slideshow below. 

The story is written for Spanish 2 (maybe late Spanish 1 if it is a CI class), but I have found that these stories are also a fantastic thing to use in ANY level! Upper level students love it because it is an easy listen. But, if you are looking for a more linguistically advanced Story/Song of the week, check out "El Novio Reggaetonero" and "Una Ruptura Mala."

Before you read the story, I recommend watching the video and looking at the lyrics:

Ya no quiero verte más 

Ya no quiero verte más, 
ni mucho menos estar contigo. 
Te bloqueo en el whatsapp.
Borro las fotos que compartimos.

Es que reírte de mí 
no es lo mismo que reírte conmigo. 
Pensaste que soy de ti, 
no contaste con el destino. 

Y ya no tengo miedo a soltarlo todo,
porque de ningún modo, 
voy a quedarme aquí.

Siendo idiota, no que va, 
no soy de tu propiedad. 
Vamos a ponerle ya, el punto final. (2Xs)

Siendo idiota 
siendo idiota 

You will see almost all of the lyrics are used as dialogue in the story.

Also, Juan Magan, the singer and main character of the story, is Spanish and Dominican. And the woman he meets and marries in the story is his actual wife. The rest of the story is stuff I made up.

You will see that on first click you only see the pictures. This is so that the teacher tell the story first (and write words on the board) and then students will not see the text the first time, they will just LISTEN to understand. Also, the teacher can just use the pics to say cierto/falso statements, ask questions, and/or have students talk about what happens in the story.

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  1. Gracias!!!! No puedo esperar usarlo con mi clase en la proxima semana. Espero verle en TCI Maine en octubre

  2. Gracias amiga :) Me salvaste con esta leccion. Tengo un grupo que inesperadamente me resulta dificil. Pero ya no!!!

  3. (Jen Schongalla) no se por que no publica el nombre :0

  4. Esta cancion y las actividades son excelentes! Muchisimas gracias :) Me encantan

  5. Muchisimas gracias! Esto ayudara con los estudiantes que todavia siguen con dificultad en Espanol 4, y para introducir el tema de la tecnologia.
    Solo mire rapidamente al slide presentation, pero hay un error- no le gusta afeitarse, the definition shows "doesn't like to share", instead of "shave". I'll let you know if I catch any other typos.

    1. Gracias Laurie, cambié share a shave.

      Y, sí, es cierto que para los niveles más avanzados, este tipo de actividad es excelente para repasar estructuras básicas.

  6. No sólo tienes ideas geniales sino también las compartes. Muchas gracias

  7. ¡Muchísimas gracias por compartir estos fenomenales recursos!