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UBD - El Ekeko y Las Minas de Bolivia

Resultado de imagen para El Ekeko: Un misterio boliviano
I am finally going to use the Fluency Matters reader: El Ekeko: Un misterio boliviano! I love this novel by Katie Baker (another favorite of mine is also by Katie Baker: La llorona de Mazatlán). The reader will be a small part of the unit. We will read it together, act things out, and do some "listen and draw." 

According to Fluency Matters, the reader is "Advanced Beginning", but I am going to use it in my first unit for Cultura y Civilización (Spanish 4/5). That class has a very wide range of proficiencies, so this novel will help everyone feel at ease and it is engaging with a ton of cultural tangents to go off on...

Fortunately, Arianne Dowd has created a ton of resources that will accompany this novel perfectly! Her resources would make an excellent stand-alone unit too. 

The resources that she created will help me to reach all levels of proficiency levels, particularly because there are so many activities that are connected authentic resources (you can see them all on this page), such as articles, news clips, PSAs (about children's rights), and other videos. There are so many AP Themes in this unit as well and six of my students will have AP Spanish second semester this year, so this will be an excellent introduction to some of the tasks they will have to do on the test.

Also, Arianne's depth of cultural knowledge is amazing! I learned a ton as I was preparing this unit and I can't wait to do this unit with my students.

These are the four resources that I will be using:
El cumplidor de los deseos:  Movie Talk AND Music Study!   El Ekeko:  El Papá Noel Andino  
Bolivian Legend from "La La La" by Naughty Boy   "The Devi's Miner":  Film Study

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