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One of my favorite presentational writing assessments to *correct*

Quick post to share a presentational writing assignment that I LOVE to correct!

If you use stories, you might already do this, but I thought I would share anyways. This can be done at the end of a unit or at the end of a course.

The rubric that I use is a School Wide Rubric, but you could adapt it to be more proficiency oriented. I also think that Tina Hargaden has a good rubric for something like this... I need to re-visit A Natural Approach to the Year!

And on that note, I also LOVE creating OWIs with my students and they love it too! Here are two (they are enemies):  Ximena la galleta and Pepe el pastelito. In addition to those, we have been working on this mini unit: El Cactusthis story/song of the week, and Billy y las botas nuggets (and some have made progress through Billy y las botas 2 too).

Here is the assignment:

I love correcting these stories because my students get a chance to show off their language and be creative. AND they are proud of their products! I even heard one student say to another, "Hey, want to hear what my story is about?" Love it!

Currently, I am correcting these and it is the third time that my Spanish 2 students have done this and they are so funny to correct!

Next step in class on Monday... have students read some of the best stories and illustrate them! #NewClassroomDecorations

Below are a few student examples (there were a lot of Billy la bufanda in these stories!). Note: the underlined parts are good things.

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