domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2018

Dreaming Spanish Christmas Edpuzzles

Edpuzzles are really good for Interpretive Listening. And these Dreaming Spanish videos contain lots of information about Spanish cultural products, practices, and perspectives. They will be an excellent accompaniment to my lotería unit (small unit on here TPT and bigger unit here on TPT). 

My students will be doing some (or all) of these during the next three weeks. These will also be perfect for a Blizzard Bag day or a sub day... or a we-all-need-some-quiet-time-day!

I am sharing them here in case anyone wants to use any of them. 

Some are very basic, so really good for Novices.

After the fourth Edpuzzle (Xmas Sweets), I am going to give students some turrón and Ferrero Rocher!

If you put your mouse on the Edpuzzle, you can copy and edit it to use it in your Edpuzzle account (here is a 26 second video to show you how to do that).

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  1. Thanks Kara! This solidifies why I am a Patreon supporter. Your resources and ideas really make my job easier and more engaging. Thank you!!!