viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2018

El Tió de Nadal (and another Edpuzzle from Pablo!)

Ay, Pablo from Dreaming Spanish... how I love his videos!! If you do too, consider supporting him on Patreon.

One reason I love his videos is that they are comprehensible and my students get Comprehensible Input from another voice besides their teacher!

I am starting my lotería unit (small unit on here TPT and bigger unit here on TPT) on Monday and the Essential Question for the unit is:
¿Cómo son mis tradiciones relacionadas con los días festivos similares y/o diferentes de una de España y/o de otros países del mundo hispanohablante?

So, I start the unit with this wonderful slideshow (see below or click here to make a copy) that I adapted from Annabelle Allen (who adapted it from Jim Tripp's script).  Slides 2-6 are my traditions (and pictures of my boys when they were younger... I particularly love slide 2 and wish they still wore matching pajamas, but alas, there is no way my thirteen year old would agree!).

After those slides, the slideshow describes el Tió de Nadal, a tradition from Cataluña and Aragón. It is funny and the students get a big kick out of it!

And, of course, Pablo has a video in which he talked about el Tió! I was hoping there was already an Edpuzzle made with this video, but, surprisingly there wasn't! So, I made this Edpuzzle. I love Edpuzzle for homework, in class, and frequently as an assessment.

If you haven't given Edpuzzle a try, I highly recommend it! And this could be a fun way to start!

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