martes, 15 de enero de 2019

A cuento/canción for Intermediates: Tan Bien

Update: 1/28/19 - Laurie DeLand took the story that I wrote and made a slideshow. Click here to access it and/or make a copy or see here:

Laura Sexton and Sharon Birch recently shared new music on their blogs and one song really grabbed my attention: Tan Bien by Lit Killah (what a name...) and Agus Padilla. 

I love the song and I think students will too! 

Stories always make the song much more meaningful and comprehensible. I created this story below (or click here for a better view) for my Intermediate students, but I have run out of steam (due to working a pretty big other project) to create any other activities (like here). But if anyone wants to collaborate and/or help out, let me know... or go ahead and take it and adapt it (obviously don't sell it -- yup, I have to say that!).

Some things I would add (and might end up doing in the future):
The story includes biographical information about the two singers - who are 18 and 17 -- so young that they don't even have Wikipedia pages yet!

I also took screen shots out of order to create the story. And, of course, I included structures and vocabulary directly from the song. So after spending some time with the story, they will better understand the song.

Important note: If you use the story, WAIT to show them the video! Play the song as they enter or the week before, but don't show them the video - it will take away some engagement and joy!

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  1. Muchas gracias por compartir esto!
    I just did it with my Sp 4 classes. It was very high interest-we discussed why Agus would be at the skate park, about artists and drawing, about how boys are at that age... they were sooooo disappointed when they had to guess/ tell what happened! Then they were amazed that it was a "true" story, and that they are only 17/18 years old.
    I made it into a google slides presentation, I would be happy to share, just email me.

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