martes, 27 de noviembre de 2018

Inspired Proficiency Podcast

Inspired Proficiency PodcastI had the pleasure of talking with Ahsley Uyaguari (follow here on Facebook and/or Twitter) and being on her podcast "Inspired Proficiency"(listen here). If you haven't listened to any of her episodes, I highly suggest you do so! I really liked these epidsodes: Martina Bex, Tina Hargaden, María Datel, Joshua Cabral (2 episodes),  and Samara Spielberg

When I talked with Ashley, we talked about the presentation that I gave three times this fall. It is about using Story and Song of the week. You can hear the podcast here and below is the presentation. 

Here are the (free) resources for El Mismo Sol that I talk about in the podcast.

And here are some story/song of the week options:
A few other things that I mentioned on the podcast:

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