jueves, 21 de marzo de 2019

3 Bellezas... con un recurso MUY especial

Resultado de imagen para tres bellezasIn the past, I have blogged about using the movie 3 Bellezas in AP Spanish in the past and shared these free resources:
...but I am writing about it again because the coolest thing happened!! And I have permission to share it here for other teachers and students.

But first, a little about the movie. I LOVE the movie period. I also LOVE for the theme of "La belleza y la estética". It is a dark comedy and definitely not for everyone. I would only use it with older students and you definitely have to skip some parts!  However, if you frame the movie as a dark comedy and learn about the context of the movie (by reading authentic articles about concursos de belleza in Venezuela - in unit packet), students will like the movie too... but you definitely have to prepare them ---> it does not have a Hollywood ending.

Like I have in the past, we did a Seminario Socrático to discuss the movie and it went very well. I am so proud of my students and their ability to think deeply and communicate their ideas. One student, who had done a Seminario Socrático in the past, said that she thought 3 Bellezas was excellent for the Seminario Socrático because there was a lot to talk about.

So, here is the cool thing that happened... I reached out to Carlos Caridad, the director/writer of the movie, and he responded and answered my students' questions! You can see more in this slideshow. He has given me permission to share this with other teachers. It will be a perfect addition at the end of the unit!

We watched four of the videos today and will continue to watch them tomorrow and into next week. Some parts were a bit challenging for my students, but I also saw bright, sudden smiles when they realized they could understand big portions of his answers!

Feel free to make a copy here. The questions are more like notes for me, so you might want to adapt them.

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  1. Whoa, enhorabuena Kara. ¡Vaya entrevista! Es una maravilla. Muchísimas gracias por comprartir el trabajo que ha hecho con tus estudiantes y la entrevista poderosa con Carlos. Les agradezco mucho.

  2. ¡Muchas gracias!
    No me di cuenta de este problema a una edad tan joven.