miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2019

New Unit for Intermediates! ~ Bailo la pena ~

I LOVE the new Macaco song/video "Bailo la pena".  The song has a fun, positive message and the video is excellent. It is somewhat similar to "Soy yo," but I might like it a little bit more!

So, I wrote up a story and (update 3/23/19)  created an entire unit --- > see a preview below or find the entire unit here on TPT

I read this article and it mentioned Stranger Things, so in the story I mentioned that in the story.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I love it all, and especially the gritones clip! That one could also fit with a fun song called Solo Amigos by Adexe y Nau.

    Kara, Your materials are the best. You had a nice shout-out yesterday from Maris Hawkins in her interview on the Spanish Teacher Success Academy site, and I couldn't agree more when she said that your materials have saved her!

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your suggestion. I love that gritones clip, so funny and sad! I just watched Sólo amigos and that looks like a song/video that needs to be used a story! Thank you so much for sharing it.

      And, also, thanks for your comment about my work. Comments like that *keep me sharing* and presenting!

    2. Hello "Unknown" - If you see this, could you contact me por favor? :)

  2. Love this video, thank you for the attention. I'm thinking of using it with second year middle schoolers to focus on storytelling using the newly learned Pretérito. The shoe is a nice tie-in with recent Clothing vocabulary too.