jueves, 28 de marzo de 2019

Thinking about summer PD already?!?

What are your summer PD plans? 

I love doing PD in the summer - why!?! Because you actually have time to process it and think about it, instead of rushing back to school, figuring out what students did or didn't do with the sub, and catching up!

I am presenting my one-day (possible two, if there is interest) workshop "Transitioning from Traditional with CI Stories" on July 31st, in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. This workshop is limited to 25 people. Last summer, there was a waiting list of 10 people, so if you are interested, sign up soon! Click here or on the pic below to see the details and to sign up.

4/6/19 ---> Update, I have added a second day, on August 1st. Click here for details and registration. 

I am so excited to be attending and presenting at Comprehensible Cascadia in Portland, Oregon. I am also am going to attend Tina Hargaden and Mike Peto's pre-conference workshop. If you have the opportunity to see either of them, I highly recommend it.

Last summer, I went to the iFLT and it was EXCELLENT! I highly recommend it. This year it will be in Jacksonville, FL. 

The previous summer, I went to the Express Fluency week in Vermont. That was also excellent, and kinda like a mini-iFLT.

I highly recommend conferences like Comprehensible Cascadia, iFLT, and Express Fluency because you can WATCH expert CI teachers teach REAL classes --- it is especially powerful if you it is a language that you DON'T speak!

There are so many amazing opportunities this summer and Mike Peto created this map of CI Workshops this summer.

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