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Social Justice in Spanish 1: Inmigración

I have been trying to reflect on which of the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards I am hitting in certain units. And, in this immigration unit with Spanish 1 (but could be used with any level!), these are the ones, I think I hit on... or perhaps in some cases, at least touched upon:
  • Diversity #8: Students will respectfully express curiosity about the history and lived experiences of others and will exchange ideas and beliefs in an open-minded way
  • Diversity #10: Students will examine diversity in social, cultural, political and historical contexts rather than in ways that are superficial or oversimplified.
  • Justice #12: Students will recognize unfairness on the individual level (e.g., biased speech) and injustice at the institutional or systemic level (e.g., discrimination).
  • Justice #13: Students will analyze the harmful impact of bias and injustice on the world, historically and today.
  • Justice #14: Students will recognize that power and privilege influence relationships on interpersonal, intergroup and institutional levels and consider how they have been affected by those dynamics.
  • Justice #15: Students will identify figures, groups, events and a variety of strategies and philosophies relevant to the history of social justice around the world. 
  • Action #16: Students will express empathy when people are excluded or mistreated because of their identities and concern when they themselves experience bias.
How is that possible in Spanish 1 you ask!?! With compelling authentic resources that have been comprehensified. Here are the resources that are the focus of this unit. 

I just finished the unit and I am so proud of few things:
  • the language that my students acquired in the unit through three stories and a reading about the movie that we watched
  • the authentic cultural products, practices, and perspectives that my students saw in this unit
  • the final reflections that they did (in English) about how their view on immigration and undocumented immigrants have changed
  • focusing on Social Justice in a novice class
In this unit, students acquired a ton of language, in particular through reading and interacting with these texts:
  1. a story based on the song/music video "ICE El Hielo" - here is a Quizizz to see some of the text
  2. a story based on the PBS short film "The Other Side," which has a fantastic, unexpected twist at the end - here is a Textivate to see a shortened version of the story
  3. a story based on the song/music video "Un besito más" - here is a Quizlet to see part of the story
  4. a reading about the movie "La misma luna" - Students still love this movie!

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