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Some Chile resources...

Resultado de imagen para chileAfter Christmas break, in my Cultura y Civilización (4/5/6) class, I will be teaching a unit about Chile. I have used the movie Machuca before and I will be using it again. Previously, the unit was called "Chile: Los movimientos sociales y la importancia de la educación pública". I used Machuca and then focused on the student protests that started in 2011. Students learned a ton about Ana Tijoux and we focused on her song "Shock". I love that unit, but this year (or really next - 2020 is 11 days away!), I am going to change it up a bit and I will be sharing new resources here as I create them. I think the new unit will be called "Chile: #Cacerolazo". The two main resources will be the movie Machuca and the song Cacerolazo by Ana Tijoux (resources here).

One thing I want to do before I get into the history of 1973 and Machuca, I want to share some basics about Chile with my students. I want to students to learn (in a very basic way) about the geography, the food, and the language of Chile. So far, I have compiled these videos:

This doc has some activities to do with that first video and this Chile Travel website. This Youtube playlist is also an option for students to explore.

And I hope to develop something using the information here about the food of Chile.

I love this video to learn about Chilean slang, but I need to cut it at 3:40... hopefully I can figure that out!

This video (broken up into parts) will be excellent to show the indigenous people of Chile. Thanks to @TWSteacher for sharing that resource. Can't wait to develop some activities with those little clips. I think I will start with Natalia: una niña mapuche (0:00-5:42).

I LOVE Radio Ambulante! If you haven't listened to it, start now! They tell so many good stories from all over the Spanish speaking world. I have created this listening guide for the 15 minute episode called "El Equipo Fantasma". Students will listen to this after they watch Machuca. 

I will also be using a few resources from Nuestra Historia:
  • A biography of Ana Tijoux (level 4)
  • A biography for Michelle Bachelet (level 3)
  • Story: Las arpilleras modernas (level 3)
  • Story: Los poemas escondidos (level 4)
  • Tip: If you get the the "Teacher Resource Only" for $100, you will get an AMAZING amount of quality resources. You can search a specific country, find stories or other resources and accompanying activities and boom, done! 

More to come soon...

And if you have any Chile resources, please share! 

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