domingo, 9 de febrero de 2020

New song/story of the week: Sigo buscándote

Updates (2/14/20): 
  • I created this little quiz "¿Cuál es tu nivel de perseverancia?" to do before the song. It is for my Spanish 3 students and lots of reps of good language!
  • I also created this Edpuzzle. It is me saying the story with the slideshow and it has lots of questions. It was part of my sub plans... sharing in case anyone needs some good sub plans!
  • I will be giving a webinar about using songs in the classroom on Tuesday, 2/25/20. See details here.

I know this song will be a hit! 

And the the chorus and the line "Sigo buscándote" (which both repeat a lot) are pretty comprehensible. 

The video is sweet, cute, and appropriate (especially if you use my story, in which all the drinks are actually non-alcoholic Venezuelan fruit drinks). 

It is actually supposed to be like the movie "50 first dates", but I wrote up an alternative version of the story... and I think it makes sense!

I will read the story to the students from the slideshow with the images and then we will watch the video.

I will also have students answer some comprehension questions in the doc.

And, we will do a cloze activity and translate some of the song... and then we will sing it every day for a week or two! 

Feel free to make copies of the slideshow and/or doc and adapt, but please keep my name on it as the writer of the story! And if you make it better, please share back!

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  1. ¡Me encanta! Gracias por compartir. Una pregunta: my school blocks student access to YouTube (but not teachers). Is your EdPuzzle based off of a YouTube link?

    1. Oh, that stinks! It is a YouTube link.

      Here is a link to the video in Google Drive:

      You could download it from Drive and then upload it to Edpuzzle.

      Unfortunately, you will have to create all your own questions though.

    2. Also, that is good know, so thank you for sharing! Perhaps, I will just directly upload them from my computer (instead of YouTube) in the future.

  2. Muchas gracias, Kara por compartir estos recursos excelentes.