domingo, 19 de abril de 2020

Canción/Cuento de la Semana... in EASY past tense

At the beginning of this year, I used that video as story/song of the year with my Spanish 1 class. They really liked the song and it was an easy story.

Right now, I have Spanish 2 and I have been exposing them to the past tense for a while now.

So, to give them some more input with the past tense and high frequency structures/vocabulario, I re-wrote that Spanish 1 story and put it in the past tense

During this online learning period, I am using the Fluency Matters e-course El Ekeko with my Spanish 2 class, but they also do a story/song of the week each week

They follow the same basic pattern. Here is an example of what they will do with this song story:
If you are looking for another easy song/story in the past tense, check out this one:

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