domingo, 5 de abril de 2020

Idea for extra credit and/or enrichment: Authentic Listening and Current Events

Just a little post to share something I am giving to my students this week:
Extra Credit: Authentic listening and current events (doc here)
  • Watch and listen to one (or more) of these songs from the Spanish speaking world.
  • Write up a quick little response about what you saw and heard and your opinion about it.
  • This can be in Spanish, Spanglish and/or English. 
  • Are these songs/videos similar to anything that you have seen in our culture?
  • OR DANCE! See the video 2b and 4b.
  • Note: There are THREE different songs called "Quédate en casa" (Stay home).

2b) Argentina/Spain - Resistiré (I will resist) - DANCE video
3) Spain - Quédate en casa (Stay home) Students probably won't know these people,
but they are famous people from Spain. Although, they might recognize one (Álvaro Soler).

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