miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2020

Street Foods: Latin America

Have you seen the Netflix series "Street Food: Latin America"? If not, I highly recommend it!

I still don't know my back to school plan is, but it seems like it will be a hybrid plan, with lots of challenges for planning. I am not going to double plan each day because that will be very difficult and time consuming.

I will have units for each of my courses (still not sure about that either, but each course will be a combination of my own units (here and here), units based around readers (Fluency Matters and others), and Nuestra Historia units.

But, some days, for planning purposes, students will be taking a "break" from the unit. That way I will be able to keep the cohorts on similar schedules, with one cohort a day behind the other (imagining an AB schedule with Wednesdays every other week).

So, on those days, I will have students watch Street Food: Latin America or listen to a Duolingo podcast

I worked with Bethanie Drew and Maris Hawkins to create guides for Street Food: Latin AmericaThey did most of the work! I only did the Bolivia guide, which will pair well with the Fluency Matters reader El Ekeko: Un misterio boliviano (for level 2). Click here to see the guides for the five episodes and some post-viewing-two-episodes activities.

For the Duolingo podcast days, I have a template and some guides. 

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  1. These are so exciting and helpful!! Muchísimas gracias - ¿Hay más capítulos? Me gustaría crear unas actividades también para compartir con ustedes

  2. I am so appreciative for the Street Food guides and activities. Do you have a key for the questions?

  3. You are such an inspiration!!! I am on a hybrid. And I am doing 8th grade this year for the first time in 30 years. So I decided to take it easy on myself, since lesson planning has always been very stressful for me. I plan an in-depth lesson for students in person on Mon./Thurs. and Tues./Fri. On Mon./Thurs. remote students work on their final research project. On Tues./Fri. students do a "tarea semanal". On Wednesday, as long as it is a five day week, we watch Gran Hotel in class and zoom if you are emote that day. Still very stressful, but I feel this might be manageable.
    I would gladly share with you materials I create for Gran Hotel, just give me the word.

  4. Que buen trabajo! te felicito y gracias por compartir!!Acabo de enseñar esta serie ami s alumnos y me encantó! Aprenden tanto de la cultura de Latino América,sus tradiciones y la comida.