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Puerto Rico - some updated unit resources...

A few updates about what I am doing in my Spanish 3 class about Puerto Rico (more información here)
  • The first unit of the year with my Spanish class, was this fabulously engaging unit based around the song "Robarte un beso." So yesterday in class, students were very surprised and excited (and emotional) to see this video that made a connection between our current unit about Puerto Rico and that one. I love it when they see pop stars using their fame to help educate people... and hopefully bring help to them too! Here is the transcription of the short clip.

  • I created this Quizlet to play Quizlet Live (super fun way to give more CI) to review the information about Puerto Rico.
  • After talking about (in CI Spanish for level 3 based on this doc) what is happening in Puerto Rico, taking notes, discussing, and viewing lots of pics and videos, students took an assessment. It was a simple dictation in which I said 10 sentences that were true or false. Students had to write what I said, write cierto or falso, and then correct the falso statements. It is on page 3 of the notes doc.
  • There is also another possible assessment for the information on page 4. It is a cloze activity with the same sentences from the Quizlet Live.
  • Here is a basic information sheet that other teachers will hang in their classrooms during next week as we fundraise.
  • This Google Doc Folder has all the docs that my students created to make this bulletin board educating the school about the situation in Puerto Rico. (I am fortunate to have a "poster making machine" that made the docs bigger.) We are kicking off our fundraiser next week for the week of homecoming. Classes (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors) will be competing to see who can raise the most money.
  • And here is Beyoncé helping out too! (Full song is definitely not school appropriate!)
  • And here is Dvicio singing in support.

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