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New Story: "Álvaro tiene un problema"

I am on a roll with these Story/Song of the week scripts/activities! ! I love telling students a story based on a song/music video and then letting them watch the video as a reward for good listening. (And I am also showing them the diversity of the Spanish speaking world and exposing them to lots of cultural Ps.) It is such a good way to give my students input. And it is a fantastic way to start class on a Monday

You can find my next story, and accompany activities, based on the new song/video "La Cintura" by Álvaro Soler here on TPT. I am sure this one will be a hit! And I am sure many boys will be able to relate to Alvaro ;) 

In Spanish 1, we have done one of these activities for the first seven weeks that we have had class. You can find the story scripts and links to other activities here (we have done the first seven). I have told the story on Monday and then we do other activities throughout the week (I have 85 minute classes, so this is one of the many things we have going on.) My Spanish 1 students are doing so well with this routine of activities. They are engaged and acquiring a ton of Spanish! 

After we do the Story Listening activity, I follow it up with a variety of other input activities throughout the week, including
  • Quizlet Live with Vocabulario Importante
  • Textivate! 
  • Reading Activities with the story script (fill in the blanks, comprehension questions, read and draw)
  • Translate parts of the story (for shorter stories, and always Spanish to English)
  • Cloze activity with the song lyrics
  • Agárralo with cierto/falso statements (AKA "the marker game")
  • Quizizz
  • Listen and act
  • Kahoot Jumble
  • Other reading activities like: Who is it? Who would say it? or Cierto/Falso
Update (4/2/18): I created this slideshow to tell the story with some visuals. The videos on certain slides are set to just show certain parts that illustrate the text. Also, the text shows up after a click, so you can say the story and then they can see the text if/when you want them to. It also includes some recent videos from Instagram! You can get access to make a copy and edit this presentation here.

Update Spring 2019 - My students made their own version of the video:

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  1. Added to our class playlist! Is this "tarea semanal" a set of choice assignments? I am so curious!!!

    1. This is what my students do for Tarea Semanal: http://cultyciv.blogspot.com/p/tarea-semanal_22.html?m=1