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Quizizz for Quizzes

I have blogged about Quizizz before. It is kinda like Kahoot, but has some other settings that Kahoot doesn't have (or maybe it does now?).

My current unit is "En el tiempo de las mariposas" (resources from Arianne Dowd). For the first week of the unit, students learned about the Dominican Republic, its food, its geography, and its history. Then students reflected and reacted to what they learned

This week, we are watching the movie, which is in English... but of course, we are going to read about the movie in CI Spanish before watching! We are using Arianne's slideshow and comprehension questions for the movie. Arianne broke the movie into three parts, so students read each part, answers the questions, take a cierto/falso evaluacioncita (a little quiz), and then we watch that part of the movie. For the quizzes, students will take three quizzes on Quizizz. So, how to do this?

I set the Quizizz as Homework (but we did it in class).

I turned off the timer, the leaderboard, the music and the memes. I also shuffled the questions, but not the answers (since it is cierto/falso).

Then, I give students the code and they did it in class. This was a nice, easy way to assess students on the reading (and give them more CI). And it gives them immediate feedback. And it is quickly graded. I highly recommend it! 

If you use Arianne's resources to teach this unit (which I love and I think students are liking), here are the three Quizizz activities that go along with the slideshow:
Our final assessment will be "La Caja Misteriosa," another brilliant idea from Arianne Dowd! This is a presentational and interpersonal speaking assessment that went really well when we did the movie Ladrón que roba a ladrón.

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