domingo, 1 de abril de 2018

A Story for Intermediates: "Una Ruptura Mala"

Usted - Juan Magan y Mala Rodríguez

Mala Rodríguez has always been a favorite of mine, but I can't really use her music, and certainly not her videos, in class. So, I was excited to see this new song, "Usted," by her and Juan Magan, and to realize that I can use this song!

I wanted to use it with Spanish 1 for Story Listening, but I just couldn't simplify it, especially because the video doesn't really show much of a story. So instead, I used the lyrics from the song to make a dialogue-heavy story that could be used with Intermediate students. The story is called "Una Ruptura Mala." There are so many shifts between and usted, so I tried to incorporate those into the story too. 

I also created some preguntas personales to start with and a parallel story script that I will use with my students to co-create a similar story. It is almost like a Mad Libs activity and it should be a fun way to start with some of the structures of the song.

After the two stories and a few other accompanying activities, students should be able to understand the song. I have a feeling this will be a hit! 

I might also have them write up something about what happened before and/or after the story.

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