martes, 3 de abril de 2018

Vendo pan, vendo pan, vendo pan...

This song is so ridiculous, but I love it! It is a parody of "Getcha Grades". Just kidding! It is a parody of "Gucci Gang" (another absurd video/song that many students will know). 

The video has some great cultural products (conchas, cuernitos, atole, y triciclo con canasta), practices (vendedores ambulantes, eating fresh bread, community), and perspectives (parody, fresh bread is delicious, community is important, and others). 

Also, this song will definitely get stuck in you and your students' heads!

My son and I wrote up a (kinda ridiculous, but free on TPT) story that will be great to tell before watching this video. It will be a good one to do for a food unit. Enjoy!

Note: The story has some U.S. cultural references (Fortnite and some paralells with Lil' Pump, who sings Gucci Gang - he says he went to Harvard and some students believe he did...).

Here is a slideshow to use (download for free on TPT to make a copy of it):

And this song "Pan con Queso" (a parody of "Black and Yellow") might be a great follow up to explore some Dominican food culture.

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  1. <3 You are the best. Thank you for sharing your creativity. My students are going to love this! I am connecting your story with our last unit of the year. I'm off to order 100 piezas de pan dulce for a little "venta de pan" on Monday. :D

    1. Just saw this! Love it! Hope the students liked it :)

  2. You must make more of these!! My students love these activities! Especially during Locura de Marzo! Porfa!:) Thank you for all of your work.