martes, 30 de abril de 2019

Jumping on the Kitipun bandwagon!

You may have seen and/or heard about the song Kitipun by Juan Luis Guerra. I read about it on the Creative Language Classroom blog and then on Carrie Toth's blog... and now, I have finally jumped on the Kitipun bandwagon! Watch and listen here:

There are 39 objects listed in this song and most of them are pretty basic words. And the song and video are sweet and appropriate - yay!

Here is what I did yesterday with one of my classes:
  • Reviewed the list of objects mentioned in the song (see slide 2 below) to make sure they knew what all the words meant. All students had a copy of the list.
  • I cut up the sheet with all the objects and put little slips of paper in a bowl.
  • The class was divided into two teams. The teams alternated turns with a timer of thirty seconds. One team member had to do the following:
    • Choose a slip of paper at random.
    • Describe the object with words only to the team. There was no acting, since this is an advanced class, but it could be done with charades for lower level classes.
      • Another option for lower level classes would be for the teacher to write out and/or say definitions and have the students guess the words.
    • Choose another slip of paper and repeat as many times as possible for thirty seconds.
    • The number of objects guessed correctly = the number of points.
  • After that game, I showed slides 3-5 to review the objects again. This could be done in a variety of ways: ¿Qué es esto?, this or that?, cierto/falso, matamoscas, preguntas, etc.
  • We did a cloze activity with the lyrics.
  • Then we watched the video - which is so cool because after the variety of input, they can understand so much of it and make the connection between hearing the objects and seeing the objects!
  • Then we watched some of the videos about the Kitipun Challenge.
  • And, because this class is a wonderful, fun group of students, we danced!
  • We will sing the song for the rest of the week and enjoy the video too!
Here are some links, in case you want to adapt for your own use:

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  1. Thank you! You're awesome! My students are taking an exam today...perfect after exam activity!

  2. So much work! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I would love to do this song with my 8th graders. Thanks so much. I know I sound totally naive but can someone explain what Kitipun (the word) means?

    1. Kitipun is the sound the heart makes when it beat. (I think I saw that somewhere)

  4. I'd change it to "Mi banana Levy's y mi toblerone"