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La Lotería de Navidad 2017... 250th, Justino, Carmina & Danielle

My students LOVED our Lotería de Navidad unit last year. Justino was definitely the favorite (free resources here, thanks to Martina Bex), but Carmina and the 250th anniversary commercial were highly engaging stories too.  And Martina's Breakout Box for Carmina was the perfect last day activity before break.

Here are the resources that I will use for the unit. Some are free and some are paid:
Our Essential Question for that unit was: 
  • ¿Cómo son mis tradiciones relacionadas con los días festivos similares y/o diferentes de una de España? 
And our "I can" statements were:
  • I can describe a the products, practices, and perspectives of a holiday tradition in Spain.
  • I can demonstrate that I understand four stories about a holiday tradition in a variety of ways.
  • I can compare and contrast my cultural products, practices and perspectives related to a holiday to those of a holiday tradition in Spain.
I am excited to do this unit again (adapted a bit, since I have a student who is repeating the course as Culture and Civilization "part 2") and really excited to add the 2017 Anuncio de la Lotería de Navidad:  Danielle to the unit! 

The wonderful Elena López and I have been continuing to work on the Anuncio de la Lotería de Navidad: Danielle! It is a commercial, but really it is like a short movie (almost 20 minutes long). I wrote the story in Comprehensible Spanish (probably for level 2 or 3+) and created a slideshow (with 121 slides!) with the text of the story and screen shots. Here is a preview of the slideshow:

Elena and I have divided the story up into four parts and created some activities to go along with each part. So far, we have created (all of which is linked in the presentation):
  • four Quizlet Diagrams
  • two Quizlets with comprehension questions
  • Cierto/Falso sentences 
  • Picture slides to do re-tells, listen and identify pic, and/or cierto/falso
  • one Quizlet with fill-ins and matching for parts of sentences
  • a Quizizz (click here to see it)
  • "¿Quién lo dijo? ¿Quién lo hizo? ¿Quién lo pensó?" activities for each part
  • Update - 11/23/17 - A lot more has been added ----> see here.
Arianne Dowd is also working on exploring some of the Cultural Products (caga tió!), Practices (cava, adeu), and Perspectives in the ad/movie. See below for some things that I have encountered.

And here is an interesting perspective that could be talked about! 

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  1. I bought the Danielle resources on teacherpayteachers but the first link for the quizlet doesn't work. Can you help?

    1. Which one? In the presentation or the doc? Please let me know the specific link and I will fix it. You can email me at ceauthres at gmail dot com

  2. Hi! I'd love to use your EdPuzzle that goes with the 2016 Anuncio but when I go to the EdPuzzle it says the video is no longer available. Any possible fix to this?