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MaFLA - follow up post for attendees

During MaFLA, Arianne and I said that we would create a blogpost to review what we shared and to share a few things that people asked about, so here it is!

I wanted to make a key point about why we use stories (in the form of music videos, cortometrajes, películas, and/or novelas) as the anchor for units. Using stories allows us to do the following things: give Comprehensible Input, engage our students, easily differentiate, focus on communication (not grammar), and embed culture easily in the curriculum. And all of those things lead to LANGUAGE ACQUISITION.

Things that we said we would share:

Here are some of the activities that we shared/did:
  • TPR for vocab
  • Quizlet Live - to quickly introduce vocabulary, fill in the blank, comprehension questions, and Quizlet Diagrams (we didn't talk about this at the workshop, but here is an example)
  • Quizizz (similar to Kahoot)
  • Backatcha (add variations parts talked about like line, standing, sitting )
  • Yellow Brick Road from Carrie Toth
  • Gesture reading
  • Hold em high
  • Grítalo
  • ¿Quién lo dijo? ¿Quién lo hizo? And a new idea from Arianne's colleague, ¿Quién lo pensó?
  • Spoons from Martina Bex - fun!
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Pre-reading activity called Musical Milling is one I learned from TOY Nicole Naditz.  Take pieces of text from reading and put them on cards. Then play music. Students walked around the class and read sentences to each other and try to remember vocabulary or chunks. Then get back into groups and made a list of what they can remember.  Then students make predictions about what the text would be about. Makes reading so much more exciting.
  • Predictions on Flipgrid - so fun! I need to go back in and listen the ones that were made about Abuela Grillo.
  • Listen and draw (include Beniko masons idea of storytelling)
  • Embedded Readings that lead to an authentic video/text (click here and here for two Ecuadorian legends with embedded readings)
  • Use slide with lots of pics to ask questions, listen and identify pic, cierto/falso, make predictions, etcs.
  • Retell with pics
  • Flipgrid
  • Goosechase
  • EDpuzzle - not sure if we mentioned this, but here is some more information.

On another note:
Some other things we mentioned:

Something we forgot to mention - these two television shows are another great way to give engaging CI:
Blogs to look at:

MaFLA attendees to our workshop, if you need any more resources, let me know and I will share more!

Also, Arianne and I both have Facebook pages for our blogs/TPT stores: Arianne and me.

Using stories also helps us to use the ACTFL Core Practices. I hope to have some blog posts soon about how we can do this with CI and stories.
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