domingo, 26 de noviembre de 2017

Nueva Unidad Didáctica: Ocho Apellidos Catalanes

I am so excited for this unit! It revolves around the movie "Ocho Apellidos Catalanes" (which may or may not be appropriate for your school; I will definitely skip some parts).

The movie is on Netflix and it is called "Spanish Affair 2".

I am excited about this unit because of the following:

  • Cataluña has been in the news a lot lately and this will help students to understand it a bit more. 
  • The movie is a romantic comedy and is very engaging with some funny characters.
  • I, along with a little some crowd sourcing help from Isabel Irizarry (@profe_irizarry), have comprehensified the movie so that students can read about it before and then watch in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. We will probably spend about 5 days watching the movie.  
  • I have created some different assessments for students to show their learning and reflections.
  • The activities that they do leading up to watching the movie will be fun, engaging, and make them think about stereotypes.
You can find the unit packet here (for free) or, if you use Google Classroom, you can find it dividided into parts here.
 Preguntas Esenciales (unit packet):

  • ¿De dónde vienen los estereotipos/tópicos? ¿Son buenos o malos los estereotipos/tópicos? Explica.
  • ¿Cómo es la cultura española diversa? ¿Cómo son similares y/o diferentes algunos productos, prácticas, y perspectivas culturales de las diferentes comunidades autónomas de España?
  • ¿Cómo son similares y/o diferentes algunos estereotipos/tópicos de España con algunos de los Estados Unidos?


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