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Global Citizenship in Spanish 1... or any level!

Before I talk about Living on One Dollar: Change Series and Kiva... I want to share a little bit of information about Global Citizenship Education.

Here is a quick definition from Wikipedia:

  • Global citizenship education (GCE) is a form of civic learning that involves students' active participation in projects that address global issues of a social, political, economic, or environmental nature. 

And here is a screenshot from UNESCO's Global Citizenship Education initiative: 

I think I usually do a good job in many of my units, at all levels, with the Cognitive and Socio-Emotional dimension of Global Citizenship Education, but not so much with the Behavioral dimension. That is something I want to get better at! 

I have blogged about using Kiva with my Spanish 1 class after the "school unit," specifically after the story Irene (with Elena López's resources). But this year, I decided to use the Living on One Change Series before the Kiva project. 

The Change Series is similar to the documentary Living on $1 (on Netflix), which I have used in the past, when we basically just watched it and talked a bit about it. But this year I did something different. 

There are eight episodes in the Change Series and Eric Herman wrote up (and shared for FREE) a summary in Spanish 1 for each episode. We did the readings before each episode and then watched the episode. Here are a few ways we did with these readings:
  • Students read silently and highlighted all words they knew. After reading and highlighting, they wrote, in English, 3-5 facts that they learned. Then, I asked them to share some what they wrote and we went through the reading together in Spanish and English.
  • I read it to the students, drawing and acting things out. Then students wrote 3-5 facts, in English, that they learned. As they watched the episode, I quickly checked them and gave them a "quiz grade" for this. 
  • I also gave a more formal quiz on Episode 4. Click here to see it. 
  • We also played Quizlet Live (Elena López mad a TON of sets and I copied them and put them all in this folder) and Gimkit to review some of the episodes.

I will use Eric's review sheet and I have adapted his test a bit.  To review for the test, I created these two Quizlets (here and here), exported them into Gimkit, and created two Gimkit Challenges (here and here) so my students can review for the test.

He also created the presentation below with screenshots. Somehow I missed this in the folder, but I will use this to help review!

This unit is also accompanied by the song "Si quieres, puedes" (which shows the good things that Sebastián Yatra is doing to help people!) and will be followed up by our Kiva loan. I have $255 to loan. So far, my classes have leant to 9 different people, so I will share that information with them too. 

Big thanks to Eric Herman for creating and sharing all these resources! 

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  1. Hello! Do the Gymkit sets have codes?

  2. I have always loved this series and the resources provided here are phenomenal. Definitely including it this year in my level 3. The videos are in English. Do you MovieTalk the scenes in Spanish? Do you have them watch it in English and read in Spanish? Stop and discuss in Spanish? Nancy