domingo, 6 de mayo de 2018

Si quieres, puedes...

Sebastián Yatra (of Robarte un beso fame) has a new song out and it is another excellent one! This song and video is easy, repetitive and positive! With this song and video, students will learn about Sebastián Yatra and the region of Chocó in Colombia. (Free cloze activity here)

Additionally, this song is a combined with an ad campaign to help young people achieve their musical dreams

I have created some resources to use with this song and ad and you can find them here on TPT. I am going to use them in my Spanish 1 class this coming week. You can find them here, but if you want to just use the cloze activity, you can find it for free here.

Included in this packet are the following:
  • A suggested order of activities
  • Some suggested Personalized Questions with "quieres" and "puedes".
  • A cloze activity for the song lyrics
  • A translation of the song
  • A translation of the song with some English words left out so that students will have to translate some lines.
  • A "put the lines" in order version of the lyrics
  • Some basic activities to do with the video
  • Biographical information (two and a half pages) about Sebastián Yatra (information taken from the interview below)
  • Time stamps for parts of the interview that are mentioned in the biographical information reading
  • Some suggested activities to do with the biographical information
  • Information about a the campaigns "Tómate por Chocó" and "Fundación Marajuera" that Sebastián Yatra is a part of.
  • Two basic activities (see and write and a cloze activity) to do with the commercial for that campaign.
One of the things that I used to write the biographical information of Sebastián (in Novice level Spanish), I used this interview. I hope to create an entire unit for pre-AP/AP next year with the same resources! #SummerProject

For the pre-AP/AP unit, I will also use this video:

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