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PD Opportunity with CEAUTHRES in NH

Transitioning from Traditional 
with Comprehensible Input Stories

  • This workshop is full! If you are interested on being on the waiting list, sign up here
  • If you are interested in hosting this workshop at your school, email me at authres @ gmail dot com.
What? A six hour workshop for Spanish teachers who are interested in learning how to engage students with culturally embedded CI stories
Where? Kingswood Regional High School, in beautiful Wolfeboro, New Hampshire (map)
When? Wednesday, August 15, 2018, from 8:30-4:00 (coffee and muffins/bagels from 8:30-9:00 and lunch from 12:00-12:45)
Who? Kara Jacobs, Spanish Teacher, and blogger here at Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources
Cost? $100 (includes coffee, muffins, danishes, and lunch)
How do I register? Sign up here to be on the waiting list by July 15th and I will notify you if someone decides not to come. 
How many? Minimum of 10 people and limited to 25, so we can have more opportunities to be a "class" and do some activities that students would do

More details… Stories, for me, have been the best way for me to transition from teaching in a traditional way (grammar and vocabulary list focused) to a more proficiency focused style of teaching. Many of the stories that I use are based on authentic resources, such as: songs, music videos, cortometrajes, and/or movies so culture is automatically embedded. 

This six hour workshop will include the following:
  • Why stories are such a good bridge to teaching less traditionally and with more CI
  • Six "CI Story Units" for levels 1-AP
  • "I can" statements for each unit that are focused on proficiency
  • Instructional strategies to give students tons of engaging Comprehensible Input during this type of "story unit"
  • Culture that is embedded in the stories and how to extract the three cultural Ps
  • How to incorporate the AP themes in story units
  • Assessments in the three modes of communication for each unit
  • Tips on how to stay focused on proficiency and communication, instead of grammar and vocabulary
  • A variety of tech tools that I use in the classroom, such as Flipgrid, Quizlet Live, Gimkit, Edpuzzle, and Quizizz
  • Other CI strategies for transitioning away from traditional
  • Other places to find similar resources
  • Ways to "set up" the gradebook with this method of teaching

Spanish teachers will leave this workshop with resources to start the year off in an engaging, culturally embedded, fun way… with a focus on proficiency! 

If you have any questions, please email me at: ceauthres @ gmail.com

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