miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2018

La Lotería Navideña... otra vez

Update: You can find a Novice AND an Intermediate unit for the new lotería commercial here on TPT and a preview here.

I LOVE the anuncios for la lotería navideña! They tell wonderful, heart warming stories and they are the perfect basis for a CI Story Unit that is full of cultural products, practices, and perspectives! Students LOVED this unit last year and it was the perfect way to spend the two weeks before Christmas break!

(If you don't know much about this Spanish Christmas tradition, check out this podcast from 99% Invisible. Also, if you want a reading for Intermediates, I translated that post form 99% Invisible and you can find it here for free.)

The ad for this year just came out this morning and here it is:

And here are my favorites that I have used in class. And here is a link to article with even more!

I have created a unit packet with resources for three commercials (and I also use Martina Bex's resources for Justino): the 250th anniversary, Carmina, and Danielle. See below for free resources and previews of Carmina and Danielle. I will be adding resources for the new commercial to that bundle soon!

I also created some free activities to go along with these two infografías:


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  1. Hi Kara! Once again, thank you for sharing WONDERFUL resources! I have a general question - on many of your Slides presentations, you have a slide (or slides) containing screenshots of the video that are numbered. What activity (or activities) do you do with those screenshots? I am not quite sure what to do when that slide comes up. Thank you for all you do!

    1. There are a variety of activities that you can do with those, including:

      - listening assessment - listen and ID pic
      - reading assessment - read and ID pic
      - oral retell as a class
      - oral retell in groups or partners
      - oral retell as an assessment
      - written retell in groups or partners
      - written retell as an assessment
      - teacher says sentences and students slap picture (kinda like Matamoscas - Flyswatter)
      - comprehension questions (reading or listening)
      - cierto/falso (reading or listening)

      There are probably others too! Hope that helps!