domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2018

Parallel Story for "22 otra vez": El Sr. Indiferente

I saw this video posted in a Facebook group and thought it would make an excellent parallel story (present tense script and  past tense script + Quizlet Live as quick introto "22 otra vez".  

So, I wrote up a basic Novice script that tells the story of the video. I tried to use some of the vocabulary from the Novice version of "22 otra vez".  Students could do a Listen and Draw activity or a Read and Draw/Summarize activity or both. After doing one or both of those, students would watch the video.

Here is a basic slideshow with screenshots (click here to make a copy):

See the present tense story script below and click here to make a copy.

And click here for the story script in the past tense . If you have Spanish 2, this is a fantastic way to give them input with the past tense in an easy way, because the story is still pretty easy with basic verbs. (Note: I used "find and replace" to change the verbs to the past tense, so there might be some errors...)

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