lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2018

More Álvaro Soler!

Pablo from Dreaming Spanish has just made a video about Álvaro Soler! I think it will be a very popular one!

I am out of school on Wednesday and starting a new unit, so I made up this Edpuzzle (click here or see below) for my Spanish 2 students to do. It is pretty basic and easy because I really want them to watch the video, understand it, enjoy learning more about Álvaro, and feel confident that they can watch a ten minute video ALL in Spanish and understand it!

My Spanish 2 students already know a lot about Álvaro and love his music, because we have done story/song of the week with three of his songs (the Edpuzzle isn't linked in these resources yet, but I will link it soon):
If you and/or your students love Pablo's videos, you should consider supporting him on Patreon! And here are a few other resources to use with some of his videos: here and here.

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