domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2018

What about LAS atletas!?!

I LOVE that commercial and I have finally found a place to use it: the sports unit (which I teach as part of the Spanish 2 curriculum... more on that in a future blog post).

I have found most of the time, in the sports unit, we mostly talk about males (think baseball and soccer stars). But what about the females!?!? I want my students to learn about famous females athletes and there are four of them in this commercialPaola Morán (corredora), Alexa Moreno (gimnasta), Nayeli Rangel (futbolista), and Mariana Juárez (boxeadora)

I created some readings about women in sports (with a shoutout to Title IX) and some follow up activities. Click here to see them (and make a copy if you would like).

Then students will watch the commercial and then they will do this Edpuzzle.

And here is another Edpuzzle, made by Dr. Meg Dowdy. It corresponds with her school textbook (Exprésate 2, capítulo 4.1)

P.S. I am a strong female athlete, who has run seven marathons, and I have a bit of feminist streak, so that is another reason that I love this commercial.

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