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An excuse to re-watch the Víctor trilogy...

Me Llamo Victor Graphic NovelI was fortunate to get an advance copy of Sr. Wooly's new graphic novel Me llamo Víctor Parte 1. Before receiving this copy, I had already ordered a class set of this book because I know how wackily engaging the three videos are. Students weirdly love all three: Guapo, El secreto de Víctor and Feo... and so do I! My favorite is definitely Feo, with Sarah Breckley, who goes all out (on another note, this video of hers is awesome). 

Here is a description of the book:

Anyways, Sr. Wooly sent me the book and asked that I be totally honest and share my thoughts about the story, good or bad. So, here are some of my thoughts...
  • My younger son, 11, was super excited when I told him about the book. So, we watched the trilogy together the other night to get ready for the book. I will definitely do this with my older students when I get my class set of this book. This will be an excellent pre-Thanksgiving break activity for us. Then, they will get to read the book during SSR. This book is a perfect excuse to re-watch those three videos.
  • My son and I read the book together this evening and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. 
  • The book (as would be expected) is engaging, suspenseful, and intriguing (my son's adjective).
  • My son and I found ourselves signing as we read a few times. #MuyMuyMuyMuyGuapo
  • I think a lot of students will be able to relate to young Víctor... and for a variety of reasons, from his life to the people and things he encounters at school. Some examples:
    • Cringy school assemblies that go a bit overboard
    • Mean girls
    • The "favorite" teacher
    • Nagging parents
    • An overachieving sibling
  • There are also some connections to a classic horror novel, which many students will recognize. 
  • The illustrations by Juan Carlos Pinilla are outstanding. I am sure that when I read it again, I will notice more and more things. 
  • There is definitely a hidden message in the book! (See below)
  • It also left me wanting more. Parte 2 comes out in early 2020 and I will definitely be getting that book as well.

Note: I do not work for Sr. Wooly. I did not even have to write this up. But, I will say that Sr. Wooly (and his nuggets) is an integral part of my Spanish 1 curriculum and I appreciate what Jim and his team do so much. They are passionate about offering engaging content for our students, so I am happy to support them! 

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