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Resource for Episode 2 - Go! Vive a tu manera

We finally finished episode 1 of Go! Vive a tu manera in Spanish 1. It took us a long time because we did a lot of work before watching and then went very slowly through the first episode with lots of comprehensible reading (see more in this post or see webinar video below). Students are really liking it and acquiring a ton of Spanish.

We will be starting episode 2 this week and I will be using Abbie Theberge and Leah Silipo's resources. They made excellent comprehensible readings for Novices. Their readings are very similar to mine. See their resources here on TPT - worth the price and such a time saver!

I used the screenshots that Leah made and created comprehensible dialogue bubbles throughout. And there are also two Texting Story videos with fake text messages between Lupe y Juanma. I will probably use them (in very small chunks). Then, we will watch (with Spanish subtitles). Then, we will do the readings together as class. There will be lots of personalization throughout and there will be lots of pausing -- which my students are now accustomed to and actually appreciate.

Another option, I created a doc (click here or see below) with all of the speech bubbles and students will guess who said what to whom.

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