jueves, 3 de octubre de 2019

Easy and adaptable sub plans

 If you use stories in the classroom, making sub plans that include input is easy. I am out tomorrow and below is what my Spanish 1 students are doing during our 85 minute class. These plans could be easily adapted to any story! And this could be a sub day or a day for the teacher to relax a bit (for a day similar to what Kristy Placido recently wrote about), but still have students get input.
  • Listen and Read: Students will review the character descriptions from Go! Vive a tu manera. They will do this Textivate Sequence (with (robot-like) audio) about Juanma, Gaspar, Agus, Sofí, Zoe, y Simón. The sequence has 3 activities, one matching English to Spanish and two that put the description sentences in order. You can see the character description sentences here. If you use stories, I highly recommend a Textivate subscription! In addition to excellent sub plans, I use it for weekly homework. 
  • Write: After getting lots of input about the characters, students will write sentences comparing themselves or people they know to five of the characters. I will give them some examples:
    • Lupe es creída y mimada. Yo no soy creída y mimada.
    • Mercedes es inteligente y exigente. Yo también soy inteligente y exigente.
    • Álvaro tiene pelo corto y castaño. Mi hijo también tiene pelo corto y castaño.
    • Zoe tiene un hámster. Yo no tengo un hámster. Yo tengo dos gatos. 

  • Speak: On the same Flipgrid, students will record themselves saying their sentences. I will be the only one who sees their videos (I have set it to moderated so the videos are hideen) and I will respond to all of them, which is so fun!

  • Read and Listen: If students finish all of this in class, they will work on the nuggets for La invitación. I love those nuggets! If you don't have a subscription for Sr. Wooly, I highly recommend it!
Resultado de imagen para sr wooly la invitación

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