domingo, 7 de enero de 2018

Flipgrid for Reactions and Reflections... NOT Summaries

In my Cultura y Civlización course, we are doing a unit that Arianne Dowd created about the Dominican Republic, specifically based around the movie "En el tiempo de las mariposas." The movie is in English, but we will be using Arianne's slideshow to get tons of input! We are also doing a ton of extension activities to delve deeper into the themes of the movie.

Before students can watch the movie and really understand it, we spent four days delving into the Dominican Republic. These are the things that we learned about last week:

So after learning about all of those things, I wanted to give an assessment, but instead of writing summaries, answering questions, cierto/falso, etc., I wanted students to react, reflect, and make connections about what they learned. So, here is what students did for a presentational writing/speaking assessment. It is nothing revolutionary, but it was a really good, simple assessment! And
I was very impressed with their reflections and reactions. (I should say that this is an exceptional group of students!)

This is definitely an enjoyable assessment for me to "grade" too. Flipgrid is such a great forum to communicate with students (and for them to communicate with each other). I was able to respond verbally to all of them about their reflections. I will definitely use this assessment again in the future!

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