lunes, 15 de enero de 2018

Interpretive Reading with Two Infografías: Los Beneficios de Viajar

I love CI and TPRS and using those two things are the most engaging things that I do. And they are things that really lead to language acquisition, but I also want to prepare them for the real world and for the AP test when they won't understand everything!

So, this semester in my Spanish 3 class, in addition to some wonderful stories  (like this one for our travel unit), we have also done lots of Interpretive Reading activities and assessments with authentic infografías (examples here). We have also done Interpretive listening activities and assessments with authentic PSAs, commercials, and other authentic video clips.

I recently created two Interpretive Reading activities using this Ohio/ACTFL template (find them all here; in my opinion, these are the best ones!).

Since travel is a common unit in many levels, I thought these docs might be useful for others so I am sharing them here.

They are both related to travel. Both have infografías titled "Los Beneficios de Viajar" (and they are someone similar). See the infografías here and here. And here are the docs (with answer keys too):

After doing the Interpretive Reading activities, students could also do an Interpersonal Speaking activity and then a Presentational Writing Activity to make it a full IPA. After doing these Interpretive Reading activities, my students will do the Presentational Writing activities at the end.

I will use these Ohio/ACTFL rubrics to set expectations, give feedback, and grade them:

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  1. These are excellent resources. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow I love these resources! Muchas gracias!!

    1. Great! I always like it when someone comments on something I share and finds it useful!