jueves, 4 de enero de 2018

Some Freebies and a Bargain Bundle!

During the last three years, I have been creating and using stories based on authentic songs/music videos as the base of units and it is now my favorite type of unit! Why?!? Because they are engaging, full of images, fun, automatically include cultural Ps, and students really like them!

These units are kinda like "canción de la semana," but we go much deeper with the story and other extension resources.

If you want to try one of these units, check out these five free units:
  • Chau - This is a great unit to replace that Spanish 1 "school supplies" unit... blech!
  • Calaverita - Spanish 1+, great for Día de los Muertos
  • No voy a levantarme - Spanish 2+, for the "reflexives unit"
  • Si tú la ves - Best for levels 3+. My students loved this unit (and so did I)!
  • Echar pa'lante - Spanish 3+, focus on Puerto Rico
I have also created a bundle on TPT ($18.00, but 20% off for the next four days) with resources for five of these units. Included in the bundle are resources for the units below. To see what is in each unit, click on the links below. All of these songs/music videos are appropriate, pegajosas, and engaging for students!
  • Soy yo - Spanish 1+, present tense
  • Cásate conmigo - Spanish 2+, good for around Valentine's Day, preterite and imperfect
  • Internacionales - Spanish 2+, great for travel unit, preterite, imperfect, a few present perfect and, a few past perfect
  • Pescaíto - Spanish 2+, conditional, LOTS of culture
  • Sicario - Spanish 3+, variety of tenses, pre-AP
And two of my (and my students') favorites in the CCC Spanish Store (Arianne Dowd and Zaida):
Nelly Hughes also has some really good stuff for story units based on songs/music videos:

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