lunes, 3 de febrero de 2020

TPT Sale - Units with a Plan and more!

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There is a TPT sale tomorrow and Wednesday. All of my resources are on sale fo 25% off. Use the code: FEBSALE

Below are some of my favorite resources on TPT. I highlighted three of my absolute favorites!

Spanish 1:
Spanish 2:
Spanish 3:
Cultura y Civilización (Spanish 4/5/6):
  • Lotería unit - These stories are always a favorite of the course! I will definitely create resources for the 2019 commercial when it comes out in November. TPT link
  • Ecuador unit: La música popular, el kichwa, y las leyendas - I am starting my CyC course with this unit. We start with Nicky Jam and Wisin, move to learning about bilingual schools (kichwa y español) in Ecuador and then onto three authentic legends from Ecuador. This unit is jam packed with cultural Ps!! TPT link (free) and other pieces of the unit here.
  • Arianne Dowd's resources for La lengua de la mariposa unit (I love this movie - and there are a lot of parallels with today!) combined with Carrie Toth's novel La Hija del Sastre. This will be a unit in my Cultura y Civilización course.
  • En el tiempo de las mariposas - The movie is in English, but Arianne's film guide is in Spanish. It, like all of her work, is EXCELLENT!

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